Export Projects

Our experienced team of experts work in unison to manage all phases of your project. Bell Steel specializes in various types of services and project delivery methods, including:

Salkhalin Energy Office Building | Salkhalin, Russia

Roi Namur Atoll Power Plant | US Marshall Island

Crash Rescue Facility | Azores

BOMA | Niamey, Niger

Job Description/Name Job Location
U.S. Embassy Misc. Metals, Canopies Zambia
U.S. Embassy Stair Package, Misc. Metals, Canopies Sudan
U.S. Embassy Misc. Metals, Mezzanine, Canopies, Stair Package Pakistan
New Embassy Complex Managua, Nicaragua
New Embassy Complex Quito, Ecuador
Fire/Crash Rescue Facility Azores
New Embassy Complex Panama City, Panama
New Embassy Complex Algiers, Algeria
New Embassy Complex Astana, Kazakhstan
Fitness Center Phase II Azores
SED Embassy Facility Freetown, Sierra Leone
New Embassy Complex Bamako, Mali
Super Mullions – Puerto Rico Convention Center Bayamon, Puerto Rico
Aguadilla Airport Canopy Bayamon, Puerto Rico
Puerto Rice Zoo – Insect & Butterflies Exhibit Mayaguez, Puerto Rico
CCP Navy Support Facility Deigo Garcia
Security Upgrade Pakistan
Security Upgrade Prague, Czechoslovakia
Security Upgrade Recife, Brazil
AL Maza Airfield System Al Mazra Air Base, Egypt
Puerto Rico Zoo – Aviary Exhibit Mayaguez, Puerto Rico
Security Upgrade Luxemburg
Peace Vector 6 Main Operating Base Fayid, Egypt
Replacement Bridge Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
US Army Reserve Center FT Buchanan, Puerto Rico
NOB for USAID Lima, Peru
PV5 Sunshades Bassaten, Egypt
Pier 6 Upgrade Panama City, Panama
New Commissary FT Buchanan, Puerto Rico
ICI Fluor Daniel – Boiler Casing, Access Platforms Canterell, Mexico
4 Units – Boiler casing Supports Monterry III, Mexico
US Chancery Building Upgrade Port Au Prince, Haiti
Golden Grove Prison St. Croix, USVI
Tren Urbano Operations & Adminstration Building San Juan, Puerto Rico
Power Plant – Roi-Namur Kwajalein Atoll
Western Ammunition Workshop El Haikstep, Egypt
Peace Vector IV, Phase III – Main Operating Base Upgrade & Misc Pkg Ramesses, Egypt
Sakhalin Energy Office Building Sakhalin Island, Russia
Parking Garage V A Medical Center San Juan, Puerto Rico
Phillips Puerto Rico Core Guayama, Puerto Rico
Sikcor Plant Expansion Rio Grande, Puerto Rico
Yerevan Airport Cargo Terminal Yerevan, Armenia
Pier 7 & 8 Abu Air Base Alexandria, Egypt
MCA Project Qatar
Satellite Tracking Station Thule AFB, Greenland
V A Clinic San Juan, Puerto Rico
Embassy Office Building Kuwait City, Kuwait
Crash Fire Rescue Training Facility Thule AFB, Greenland
U.S. Embassy Renovation Havanna, Cuba
Water & Desalination Plant Ascension Island
DMEL Facility Ramesses, Egypt
New Office Building Bangkok, Thailand